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Come to Republica Dominicana for wonderful holidays !

Want to escape and fun for your next vacation? Opt for the Dominican Republic, a major destination for lovers of idleness and discovery.

Located somewhere in the Caribbean, between sun, sea and beaches, the Dominican Republic is one of the favorite places for tourists throughout the year. This gem has been specially designed to make you spend pleasant and unforgettable holidays in an exceptional nature. A stay in Santo Domingo guarantees a landscape worthy of postcard stands a small paradise where life is good. The ride or walk in a totally idyllic setting is a daily activity not to be missed.

Several fishing villages can accommodate you in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. Another way to fully explore the island which is found to be more typical and more picturesque. You can make different meetings and sharing as in the Peninsula of Samana in Las Terrenas or to the most remote corners. Note that the Dominicans are known for being very friendly and warm people.

On the other hand, cities are no exception especially for Santo Domingo. This is the capital. The colonial historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultural center of Santiago Centro Leon is also a must. This perfectly describes the life of the early Indians. This destination is to go at least once in his life.

Need some tips before you go?

In Republica Dominicana brings you all the necessary advice before you leave in the Dominican republic. This destination where nature reigns in majesty, is ideal for those in search of well being and relaxation. There is no better place in the world where people have cherished, protected and preserved their countries with such delicacy and love. Anyway, if you are seeking information before leaving on such and such a topic, feel free to take a tour on our website.