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Why Republic Dominican is such bonded with France ?

Historical ties date back to the sixteenth century.

France was present for some time in the western part of the island discovered by Christopher Columbus, while Spain occupied the eastern part. We saw the coexistence of two very different mechanisms of colonization, with two languages ​​and two different production systems, based on the French intensive cultivation of sugar cane and a clear separation between masters and slaves, and Spanish, based on cattle breeding.
In the eighteenth century the French monarchy sent Santo Domingo slaves to fight for the independence of the future United States. This along with the dissemination of ideas of the French Revolution led the mulatto population to want to secede from France and the declaration of the independence of Haiti in 1804 (western part).The eastern part re-joined the Spanish Crown until its declaration of independence (independence of the Dominican Republic).

Highlights of the cooperation between France and the Dominican Republic

In the twentieth century there were the development of the telegraph system, the creation of the French Alliance in 1914, the Cathedral Basilica of the construction of Our Lady of Altagracia in Higuey, begun in 1949 following the plans and supervision of French engineers  Dunoyer de Segonzac and Pierre Dupre, from which were established several trade cooperation bodies.

Today, France and the Dominican Republic have very good relationships covering an interaction increasingly strong in the areas of economy, culture and politics.
The Dominican community in France has increased in the twenty-first century, both in France and in French overseas territories, especially in Guadeloupe. For its part, the French population in the Dominican Republic has also increased significantly and focuses primarily in the cities of Santo Domingo, Samana and a proof is found there schools supervised recognized and financially supported, in part, by the French administration. French tourists are the most numerous among European. But France also expects the Dominicans tourists for a discovery of world heritage site.

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