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If you dislike wild landscape, go to Paris !

If for you, nature should not remain wild, it would be best for you to undertake an exclusive travel in France. Indeed, France has many landscapes worthy of the name that would satisfy you and promote your relaxation.

Since 1749 the french Garden is characterized by geometric and symmetrical flower beds with well drawn. The nursery is then completed with flowers, rare fruits, soups or the figuerie.

The garden of Luxembourg

All the gardens of France are very well designed as the Luxembourg garden. The latter is accessible by Metro Odéon with lines 4 and 10, with line 10 Mabillon and Saint-Germain-des-Prés with line 4. If you opt for the RER, take the RER B to the station Luxembourg- Senate. For the bus lines 21, 27, 38, 58, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 89 will take you there. Entrance to the garden is free and free. You only need to observe the plants and lawns. Note that the lawns of the Observatory are open to the public. Other regulations are available on site.

The French garden

Ours is not only the garden of the King is also the King of gardening. This year is the 403 anniversary of the birth of André Le Nôtre. It is the only gardener throughout the world that has a name sounding like a brand. By itself, it represents the geometric garden, then ordered to cut the cord. Although it is not the inventor of the French garden, he still made more for lovers of gardening by providing easy language.

The French garden does exist since the sixteenth century. It was inspired by italents gardens being enclosed and delimited by a wall. You can see fountains, topiary, statues inside with beyond the Wall campaign simply. Le Nôtre then arranged all the territory that lies between the boundary wall and the horizon. Le Nôtre, it is important that nature can be decorated. The garden then remains immortal one side.

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